Warrington, England-based architect-turned-artist David Foster uses a hammer and nails to create beautiful pointillistic works of art. His portraits are particularly impressive. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Foster’s pieces demonstrate the brain’s amazing ability to interpret an image made of nothing but tiny dots.

Before picking up his hammer, Foster’s process begins with a photograph and a pen:

"My work is based initially on a photograph which I painstakingly reproduce by stippling with an ink pen. The inked drawing is then enlarged to mark out where the nails go and then the nailing begins….. many thousands of nails later I have the finished piece. It is very tactile art and the viewer will find it hard not to touch the work.

My technique has evolved and developed over time, I now use tiny nails which enable the viewer to see and interpret the work more closely and in detail. I currently have over half a million nails in my studio waiting to be ‘nailed’.”

Visit David Foster’s website to check out more of his awesome nail art.

[via Design Taxi]




PR auction is up! It’s so cool to see all of the props. Hermann was originally meant to have this cane shaped like a Kaiju! Understandable why they didn’t go with it in the end.

Check it out here!

I have so many conflicted feelings about this

Because on one hand I really really would love a beautiful cane 

But on the other I have the nastiest feeling it is not remotely functional 

And modding it would probably cost more than just commissioning one

Which I’m historically too cheap to do

But still

It’s so beautiful